The Gitarrone  - the guitar of the 21st century New worlds of sound: with the Gitarrone, you can play pieces that no guitarist could ever play before! Many years of experience with lutes and other instruments featuring many more strings than a guitar (for ex. 15-string Austrian Schrammel-guitars, or modern bass lutes with six additional strings) led me to conceive a new instrument capable of playing not only all extant music for classical guitar, but lute repertoire and many keyboard pieces as well. The first requirement was the possibility of transcribing Renaissance and Baroque lute music to the guitar, which until now was only partially feasible since the Baroque lute has an extended bass register with many additional strings. The second criterion was to be able to transcribe keyboard music, which in the bass and in the descant presents even greater challenges: the transcriber, when arranging for guitar, constantly has to make octave replacements that produce melodic leaps in the bass as well as in the upper voice. At the same time, the entire standard guitar repertoire was to remain playable without any concessions. The first idea I had was to add an upper string and a lower string. Researching on the Internet I was astounded to learn that ever since the 1990's guitarist Paul Galbraith has been playing on a guitar with an upper a' string and a lower B? string. But such an instrument does not possess sufficient lower range to play lute repertoire, and its upper range does not extend far enough for keyboard music (the neck on Galbraith's instrument only features the usual number of 19 to 20 frets). Now, by adding two further lower strings and by extending the fingerboard to 31 frets and making the upper frets more accessible with a larger cutaway, such transcriptions are now much easier to make. The Gitarrone's "normal" tuning is: a', e', b, g, d, A, E, D, B’, G’. By tuning the 10th (lowest) string to E’, the player has an entire range of six octaves at his/her disposal. All translations by Stanley Hanks ( The second version, completed november 2014 has some alterations: - 11 instead of 10 Strings, a', e' ,b ,g ,d ,A ,E ,D ,C , _B ,_G (_A) - 13 instead of 10 tuning pegs - 27 frets - Possibility of playing double strings - easy shifting to chitarrone-tuning (strings 1 and 2 one octave lower) with two extra strings alongside the fingerboard Next performances: Mönchengladbach-Rheydt Franz-Balke-Haus Welfenstr.10 November 15th, 5 pm To sell: 11string gitarrone by the gorgeous swedish luthier Heikki Rousu! Because of an expertly repaired and virtually invisible light transport damage for an incredible price: € 3000.-